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Vortex Acoustic Box Fan

Vortex Acoustic Box Fan

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Vortex Acoustic Box Fans

A must-have for large scale growing or minimal noise grow rooms, the Vortex Acoustic Box Fan is the only Box Fan that users will need – removing stale air from grow areas and providing additional ventilation for creating an optimum growing environment for plants. Give plants the best chance to thrive by investing in the super-high quality Vortex Box Fans.

How Vortex Acoustic Box Fans Work

Carbon dioxide is used by plants and result in levels in the atmosphere becoming depleted, so the air in the room needs to be replaced. If stale air is not removed from the grow area, moisture quickly builds which raises humidity and results in further problems. Box Fans are used to move air into a grow room or extract from a grow room. By doing so, this air movement will be replenishing carbon dioxide around the plants which is an essential part of the growing process.

Quiet Operation

Performance-wise, all box fans are designed to be naturally quiet, but this can typically put the performance of the box fan at risk. Vortex’s super-silent Box Fans are above the existing contenders in the hydroponic industry, ensuring high-quality and consistently quiet operation. The wooden Box Fans are super-quiet, compact and fitted with high-quality Vortex motors. The powerful fans are constructed with green MDF wooden panels and thick insulating materials used to create the housing which helps absorb any noise input and output generated, ensuring minimum noise levels and maximum performance, which is a must for grow rooms where quiet operation is important.


The Vortex Box Fans are wooden insulated fans manufactured from the highest quality materials and to exemplary standards. These powerful Box Fans are surrounded by thick, precision cut, moisture-resistant green MDF panels. As well as guaranteeing minimal noise, the green MDF lasts a lot longer than other wood and it is ideal for grow rooms where occasional wetting or humidity occurs. The high-quality materials Box Fans also ensure a superior airflow than the other go-to box fans in the industry. The thickness of the green MDF panels guarantees a reduced level of noise as it keeps the noise of the motor in the box fan more. Vortex Box Fans are precision cut, so this allows the boxes to line up perfectly which is ideal for when they are being stored. The thick insulating foam inside the Box Fans which is engineered for internal sound-proofing is also fire-resistant.


Every Vortex Acoustic Box Fan comes pre-boxed and ready to go. Other box fans in the industry are not pre-boxed, which adds to the efficiency of Vortex Box Fans. The heavy-duty cardboard boxes feature carry handles so they can also be lifted and carried with ease. The internal box packaging also comes with a foam base plate. If the user chooses not to hang up the box fans during operation, they can alternatively place the Box Fan within the foam base plate to be used as additional support. All features within the Box Fan arrive with a foam protector to ensure the Box Fan is thoroughly protected during transport.

8 Metre Hard-Wired Cable

All sizes in the Vortex Box Fan range come equipped with a fitted 8-metre hard-wired cable, where other box fans in the hydroponic industry only feature a standard 5 metre IEC cable. Through extensive research and development, we have decided to give users the 8-metre hard-wired cable which we believe allows users more movement and further range in their growing area. The 8-metre hard-wired cable is a fitted unit which is a fixed connection to the Box Fan, so there is no possibility of water corrosion or damage, especially in environments with high humidity.

The size of the Vortex Box Fans are as follows:

  • Vortex 6” Box Fan – 1500m3
  • Vortex 8” Box Fan – 1500m3
  • Vortex 8” Box Fan – 2500m3
  • Vortex 10” Box Fan – 1500m3
  • Vortex 10” Box Fan – 2500m3
  • Vortex 10” Box Fan – 3250m3
  • Vortex 10” Box Fan – 4250m3
  • Vortex 10” Box Fan (2 in 1 out) – 4250m3
  • Vortex 12” Box Fan – 2500m3
  • Vortex 12” Box Fan – 3250m3
  • Vortex 12” Box Fan – 4250m3
  • Vortex 12” Box Fan (2 in 1 out) – 4250m3


  • Highly reliable Box Fan
  • Anti-vibration system for the fan to box attachment
  • High-quality Vortex motor
  • Well-priced
  • Moves immense quantities of air
  • Removes stale and depleted air from the grow area
  • 8m hard-wired cable
  • Works well with all Vortex ducting and filters appropriate to each size Box Fan.
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