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Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter

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The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is designed for the entry level grower, yet it doesn’t compromise on expert quality. It’s made with virgin Australian RC-412 carbon, the most porous on the market. Its unique, fully reversible neck keeps it going strong for up to a year. 

Eliminates grow room odours

Growers use a carbon filter to remove bad smells from their environment. Plants can begin to smell as they grow and stagnant air builds up quickly in these humid conditions. 

If you’re using ducting, this air will be transported outdoors - but it might not be very nice once you get out there! 

A carbon filter will remove these smells before they even leave your grow room. Activated carbon has the special ability to trap and neutralise bad smells. 

As stagnant air passes through the filter, its odour molecules become caught in the mesopores. They’re then unable to get out again, eliminating the odour for good. 

Removes VOCs

Your growing space may also be home to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are a group of chemicals that can have adverse health effects if breathed in on a long-term basis. 

You might be able to smell VOCs from paints, air fresheners, petrol, or cigarette smoke - or they might be totally undetectable. VOCs can be present anywhere, but it’s particularly important to consider them in enclosed spaces like your grow room. 

The Rhino Hobby Filter is a perfect addition to a beginner’s ventilation system. It removes stale plant smells before they can exit through ducting.

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