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Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick - 8 Litre

Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick - 8 Litre

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The PRO7 COCO BRICK produced by Jiffy is already a favoured choice for professional cut-flower growers using hydroponic pot systems, thanks to the reliable consistent quality of coco coir, better temperature control and versatility.

The PRO7 COCO BRICK is a 100% RHP Certified brick of pressed and dehydrated premium mixed fibre coconut coir pith.  It is washed/buffered and charged with added trace elements and beneficial elements, making it ideal for an all-round potting substrate that is easy and discrete to transport and store, aids faster rooting and develops stronger plants.

Simply rehydrate PRO7 COCO BRICK with 3.5/4 litres of water and watch it expand to 8 litres of exceptional quality Jiffy cocopeat. The perfect, easy to transport growing media for short-term and seasonal, indoor and outdoor crops.
PRO7 COCO BRICK works perfectly in combination with Jiffy7c plugs and ROOT!T plugs.

How to use:

Mix water and nutrient in a bucket, place in your PRO7 COCO BRICK and watch it swell.

We recommend 3.5L of lukewarm water for a mix that is not quite fully wetted up, ideal for if you then wish to water in your freshly potted on plants and 4 litres if you are not going to water in your plants.

Break it up within the bucket and fluff it up to produce a uniform product with your hands or a hand fork.  Now is the point at which it is best to add any further substrates you require, such as perlite or clay pebbles.

Add your expanded potting mix to a suitable pot and then add your plant. Plants propagated in Jiffy7C plugs or ROOT!T sponge plugs will have a head start, ready to thrive in your PRO7 premium substrate.

Start to feed with a professional fertiliser such as VitaLink Coco Coir Grow, a vega nutrient proven to promote rapid root development and vigorous early growth. Mix in 1-2 ml/L of each of A and B solutions to your water for seedlings and young plants. Begin to increase the dose rate once you see your seedlings or plants have established and are actively growing. Use at 3-4 ml/L of each of A and B solutions for mature plants.

Always check the water quality in your area and ensure you are using the correct variant – either hard water or soft water. In very soft water areas, or at the onset of any calcium deficiency, we recommend a half strength CalMag supplement such as Vitalink CalMag (0.5ml/L) during the growth stage.

Technical Specifications:

- Media: 100% mixed fibre Coco Pith
- Compressed: Yes
- RHP: Yes
- Buffered: Yes
- Pre fertilised: No
- Volume: 8L when expanded
- Water needed to expand each block – 3.5L for a drier mix which is perfect for plants that you wish to ‘water in’ or 4L for a wetter potting mix to plant directly into without ‘watering in’.
- Ph: 6.0 +/-1 (1:1,5)     
- EC: 0.5 mS/cm (1:1,5)

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