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Iso Max Silenced Fan

Iso Max Silenced Fan

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Why choose Can Iso-Max Inline Extraction Fans?

  • Industry standard in silent inline extract fans
  • Hugely powerful air movement
  • Super silent operation
  • Optional three speed settings on the larger models
  • Easy to install – Plug and play
  • German engineered for amazing reliability
  • The brand name to choose for extract fans.

Can-Fan have produced the Iso-Max range of extraction fans to, quite simply, be the ultimate solution for any self-respecting indoor hydroponic garden. Thirty years of German-precision engineering and extensive product development have gone into the design and manufacture of these units resulting in the highest quality extraction system available for you on the hydroponic market.

Can-Fans’s intimate understanding of the demands of a hydroponic grow room extract fan set the miles ahead of the competition when it comes to controlling your indoor grow environment. The galvanised metal housing contains an exceptionally powerful fan motor system, designed not only to move huge amounts of air, but also to direct the air flow a way that causes minimal amounts of turbulence through your duct run, thus optimising the overall rate of air flow throughout any configuration of set up.

Combining this achievement in air flow with a super silent, acoustically insulated metal housing, you can be sure that your grow room’s extraction will move vast quantities of air without being a burden on your ears! In a modern urban environment, noise pollution from an indoor hydroponic grow room can be a significant issue to overcome. Can-Fan’s Iso-Max inline fan manages this almost effortlessly, delivering you optimum airflow rates at whisper quiet decibel levels.

How Can Iso-Max Extraction Fans Work?

The design of the Can Iso-Max fan has been extensively thought through. The highly efficient motor itself consists of two main propellers. One rotor and one stator, this unique combination of components ensures the flow of air itself is manipulated into a highly uniform jet of air. With the flow of the exhausted air having such a high level of uniformity, minimal turbulence will be seen throughout the entire duct run. This results in lower overall decibel levels from the movement of the air and also minimises the drop in air flow you will conventionally see when attaching an extraction fan to any other component.

This decrease in air flow is a significant factor to consider when considering which fan to purchase. The drop in air flow is directly related to the amount of back pressure that is created when attaching something like a filter or even ducting to the unit. Every extraction fan will be effected differently under pressure and the manufacturer should be able to supply you with a pressure curve that will allow you to get an understanding of how the fan will perform. If you cannot get that info from a manufacturer then you should be wary of their products performance! Being a company with countless years of experience Can provide these for all their makes of fans.

Further to performing excellently under pressure, Can Iso-Max extraction fans have been designed with the modern-day hydroponics grower firmly in mind. A layer of highly sound proofed, acoustically insulated protection surrounds the motor, ensuring one of the quietest fans you can find on the market. While they may not be quite as silent as a box fan, inch per inch, they will move much more air, and still at a very quiet level. All being contained with a galvanised metal housing, if super high air flow is your main concern followed by super quiet operating decibel levels, then Can extract fans are the choice for you.

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