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Hailea Air Curtains (Rubber Flexible)

Hailea Air Curtains (Rubber Flexible)

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Hailea Flexible Rubber Air Curtain

Keep your nutrient solution fully oxygenated with an air curtain. These flexible air curtain is great for the bottom of reservoirs and is highly flexible so that it can be made to fit around bends in a sqaure tank or circle around in the cylinder shaped one.

How the Hailea Flexible Rubber Air Curtains Work

The highly flexible air curtain is a length of special porous rubber, that comes in three sizes. An inlet nodule is located on the end to allow the air curtain to be connected to an air pump via a length of air line. When connected to an air pump, the air will exit the air curtain through the many pores in the rubber. When the air curtain is submerged in water or a nutrient solution, the effect is that many small bubbles are produced and released from the surface of the special rubber.

The bubbles create movement in the water or nutrient solution keeping it well mixed. The movement at the surface also greatly increases the amount of oxygen being dissolved into it. Dissolved oxygen discourages anaerobic microbes which can cause root diseases and feeds oxygen to the friendly aerobic microbes. An air stone or air curtain helps to keep your plant’s roots healthy while also providing oxygen for the roots to absorb. Adding an air stone or air curtain to your reservoir really does increase the speed of your plant’s growth and creates a healthier root-system. An air stone or air curtain is very highly recommended for all hydroponic systems.

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