XXL Wilma 8 POT - 18L Pots - 115x115x20cm 150L Reservoir

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XXL Wilma 8 POT - 18L Pots - 115x115x20cm 150L Reservoir

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Product Description

The NEW Wilma V2 XXL 8 pot system is growing in pots....the hydroponic way.

Wilma XXL 8 Pot Drip Feed Hydroponics - allowing you to grow 8 big plants in a 1.2m grow area.The Wilma offers more growing space for 8 plants - allowing you to grow big and achieve larger yields.

The new Wilma XXL 8 Pot Kit uses massive 18l pots, meaning more root mass, greater nutrient uptake, bigger plants and increased yields.

Choose arrow drippers for soil or coco mediums or use the flood drippers for clay pebbles, rockwool or mapito mediums.

Why use a Wilma?

  • Effortless setup and automatic feeding saves hours of work.
  • Excellent drainage whatever medium is used.
  • Easy pump access for maintenance and monitoring of nutrient solution.

Supplied with: 

  • Plastic Tray
  • Plastic Reservoir
  • 8 x 18L Pots
  • Submersible Pump
  • Nutrient Delivery Assembly
  • Drippers and Drip irrigation tubing

Please note: you will need a timer for the pump to plug into so you can choose the amount of feeds per day and the amount of time per feed. We recommend starting with 1-3 feeds per day for 15mins and then slowly increasing this as you plants need it. You should not need to provide more than one 15min feed per hour.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1150 x 1150 x 200mm

Tank Capacity: 150 Litre

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