X3 Air-Con Unit XtremeCold

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X3 Air-Con Unit XtremeCold

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Product Description

The operation of the Xtreme Cold Pro is based on the cooling principle that applies in every cooling installation (air conditioning, refrigerators, freezers, etc.). The evaporator extracts heat from the flowing air.

This heat is stored in the coolant which runs through the circuit of the heat pump. This coolant is pushed through the condenser through the compressor at high pressure. In the condenser (heat exchanger), the coolant can give up its stored heat to the flowing water. The only energy that is used for this is the compressor and the evaporator fan.

For the sake of clarity, the XtremeCold Pro Series does not extract any heat from the power it uses. We need the electricity that is used to transfer heat (energy stored in the ambient air) to your flowing cooling water. The XtremeCold Pro Series are supplied complete including digital display, temperature sensor and Electronic water valve (water seal).

  • Product type: X3 Pro
  • Cooling Capacity*: 10.8kW
  • Electrical Heater: 2×1.5kW
  • Water Flow Quantily: 1.6 m3/h
  • Air Flow Quantily: 1500 m3/h
  • Net Weight: 90 kg
  • Exernal Dimension: 1094x640x460
  • Power Supply: 220V 1N~50Hz