pH Buffer 4.01 1 Litre VitaLink

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pH Buffer 4.01 1 Litre VitaLink

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Product Description

‌What is the purpose of Vitalink pH Buffer 4?

Vitalink pH Buffer 4 is a fantastic solution for calibrating your pH meter, to ensure that it gives you the most accurate readings when measuring the acidity of your nutrient solution. It has a stable pH of 4 and is for use with any brand pH meter.

Who can use Vitalink pH Buffer 4?

This solution works should be used regularly to ensure your pH meter is continually reading accurately. Inconsistencies will cause problems with plant growth and development. To use this simply pour a small amount into a small container and refer directly to the manual for how to rinse your specifical pH meter. Once calibrated, clean the probe with water. However to remember to shake off any excess water before you store your pH meter.

Any solution left in the small container should be disposed of, do not put it back in the bottle.

Product Dosage, Specifications & Guidance

    Dosage: place a small amount in a container to rinse pH meter

    For use on any brand pH meter

    When using, always wear suitable PPE

    Shake bottle before use

    Available in 250ml or 1 Litre sized bottles

WARNING – Never directly mix nutrient concentrates together. This is because when put together at the same time, they can clog together. This makes it significantly harder for plants to absorb nutrients