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Product Description

VitaLink Foliar is a unique liquid calcium foliar feed, which is proven to promote stronger, healthier plants. The result of a research project with a leading UK university, you really won’t find anything on the market like VitaLink Foliar!

  • Rich in calcium, a vital mineral if you want strong and healthy plants.

VitaLink Foliar is rich in calcium. An essential mineral, your plants require large amounts of calcium for the development of strong cell walls. In turn, strong cell walls increase your plants’ resistance to pests, disease and drought, even in unfavourable growing conditions. VitaLink Foliar will also help to prevent fungal infections, such as Botrytis (bud rot) and Powdery Mildew, which can drastically affect your plants’ health.

  • NOW With tea tree oil to enhance your plants’ resistance to pests and disease.

VitaLink recently added tea tree oil to Foliar. A natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient, the tea tree oil will further enhance your plants’ resistance to pests and disease.

  • Promotes favourable plant results, even in unfavourable growing conditions.

Certain environmental conditions, such as low relative humidity and high temperature negatively affect the way calcium is absorbed and transported around your plants. These environmental conditions are common in indoor/ greenhouse growing. As VitaLink Foliar is supplied in a ‘chelated’ form, it is absorbed easily and efficiently by your plants. In turn, this promotes plant results even in unfavourable growing conditions.

  • Improves the efficiency of nutrient transportation.

The leaves absorb up to five times more nutrient than the roots. You spray VitaLink Foliar onto the leaves, which means calcium is absorbed, transported and distributed more efficiently around your plants. In turn, this improvement in efficiency allows your plants to save more of their energy for producing flower/fruit sets.

  • Encourages superior flowering.

Potassium products, such as flowering boosters are extremely beneficial for use in indoor growing. However, potassium can affect the absorption of calcium via the roots. Therefore, as you spray VitaLink onto the leaves, you are limiting the potassium/calcium competition. As a result, both calcium and potassium are used by your plants more effectively. This can only encourage the production of large and healthy yields and flowers.

  • More benefits for coco coir growers.

Plants grown in coco coir are particularly susceptible to calcium deficiencies, as this growing media tends to draw down and hold on to calcium. Using VitaLink Foliar once a week when growing in coco will help to prevent calcium related problems from occurring.

Use weekly in the vegetative and flowering stages at a rate of 100ml per litre.

Spray under low light intensity or just before lights are due to go off.

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