Fan Controller 10A (Temp and Neg. press) Tornado

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Fan Controller 10A (Temp and Neg. press) Tornado

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Product Description

Tornado Fan Controllers

This simple to use Fan Controller from Tornado regulates temperature and negative pressure and enables you to control the speed of your intake and exhaust fans to an overall max. of 10A, helping to maintain the desired climate for your grow room. Set the required temperature and the controller does the rest.

How it works

The Negative pressure setting is particularly useful as it allows the use of 2 fans the same size and speed. Also it means that you can always have the perfect negative pressure even when your filter is getting old and is restricting air flow.

The Minimum Speed Setting is a great feature that can be used to control high levels of humidity.

Available in 2 power options, the 2 amp version is perfect for use with small fans or low amp fans such as Systemair RVK’s, whilst the 10 amp is great for larger, higher power fans such as Wooden Box Fans. 

  • Dual Fan Control (intake and exhaust)
  • Minimum Speed Setting
  • Negative Pressure Balance Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Check fand ampage before purchase