Spider Mite Protection Spray 500ml Spray and Grow

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Spider Mite Protection Spray 500ml Spray and Grow

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Product Description

Spray and Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray

Spider Mite Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants and helps to protect against spider mites. Because of its organic composition Spider Mite Protection Spray is completely safe to use in any stage of plant growth. All our sprays can be used combined with natural spider mite enemies like bees and predatory mites.

Spider mites are tiny eight-legged organisms. They mainly sit on the underside of the leaves and to provide suction damage there. It is for this reason it is important to spray the underside of the leaf as well as the top...

You can fight spider mites effectively and easily with Spray & Grow Plant Protection Spray! Effective against eggs, larvae, and adult stage mites!

Directions for Spray & Grow Spider Mite:

  • Spray the top and bottom of the leaf until wet
  • Do not spray in the middle of the day or in direct sunlight
  • Spray in indoor growing about half an hour before the lights go on
  • Do not dilute with products other than water.

  • 500ml conentrate makes 10 litres.