6.5A Smart Controller Mk2 SMSCOM

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Smart Controller Mk2 - 6.5A Single Fan Speed Controller (No Temp. Sensor) SMSCOM

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NTC - Temp. Sensor for 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2 SMSCOM

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Product Description

SMSCOM 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2

The SMSCOM 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2 used without the temperature sensor, acts as a basic manual fan speed controller giving you 60 different speed settings.

With the temperature sensor (NTC) attached, the SMSCOM 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2 is designed to maintain a constant temperature inside your room whilst keeping airflow under control at all times. Once you have set your desired temperature level, the Smart Controller will automatically create the perfect climate.

How it Works:

The Smart Controller uses our Motion Flow software system; therefore, it reacts completely differently to the usual types of controllers. When you first install the Smart Controller, it requires 5-10 minutes to scan your room to make an evaluation for the correct running speed for you fan. After this time, the controller knows the exact speed your fan needs to run to maintain the temperature. From then on, the Smart Controller will make automatic adjustments to the fan's speed to always maintain the set temperature.

The Smart Controller has 60 different speed settings, meaning fan speed control is very smooth and temperature control is the most accurate out of any type of controller.
As well as highly accurate temperature control, this new technology ensures less fan noise and a longer life for your fan. The Smart Controller is plug and play, so no wiring is needed. Just plug in your fan, set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed, and the Smart Controller will take care of the rest.

  • Regulates fan speed
  • Motion Flow software means continuous regulation
  • Plug-and-play (Plugs straight into a mains socket)
  • Max. capacity 6.5 A (1500w)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Upgradeable with the addition of the plug-in SMSCOM thermostat
  • Automatic if used with NTC

SMSCOM NTC - Temp. Sensor for 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2

The SMSCOM NTC - Temp. Sensor is used to upgrade the basic 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2 so it can act completely independently, keeping your room to user set parameters with a fan speed minimum, making it incredibly easily to give your plants the perfect environment.

  • Upgrades your standard 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2
  • 3m long temperature sensor
  • Can be used as a direct replacement for a damaged or faulty sensor
  • Easy installation

How to Use:

  1. Plug the temperature probe in the 6.5A Smart Controller Mk2 **1
  2. Plug the Smart Controller into an electrical outlet
  3. Place the Temperature Sensor in the centre of your room
  4. Connect your fan to the Smart Controller
  5. Set your desired minimum fan speed**
  6. Set your desired temperature

**1 without probe the Smart Controller operates like a basic manual fan controller.
**Minimum Fan Speed: This is the lowest speed that the fan will run at. The lower this speed is set, the greater range your fan has to operate between. We recommend this is set to its lowest setting. This means the fan will run anywhere between a slow speed and full speed to keep the temperature constant. Adjustments to the lowest speed can be made to suit your fan type if necessary.