Q4W 150w LED with AC Power Cable Sanlight

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Q4W 150w LED with AC Power Cable Sanlight

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Product Description

Developed from all the experience gathered by SANlight in recent years, the Q4W light combines all the benefits SANlight has come to offer with new features that make it more convenient and future-proof.

The highest efficiency, perfect light control and passive cooling are complemented by some new features.

By using a Y distributor (available as an accessory), you can operate up to 7 Q4W lights on a household power outlet.

The Q4W is suitable for the most common indoor grow tents. For Example: 60x60cm (2x2ft) and 100x100cm (3.2×3.2ft) tents can be properly lluminated with a minimum amount of modules.

The secondary optics (lens) have a precisely defined 90° beam angle. As a result, the light is distributed homogeneously over your cultivation area and the losses due to light scattering are minimized. The wide radiation pattern also helps you to cultivate high-growth indoor plants with limited height.

The breeding of fruit-forming short-day plants indoors without daylight, in particular requires high light intensities (PPFD). The broadband light spectrum of the Q4W not only promotes the maximum photosynthesis rate, but also helps the plant regulate its hormone balance. Better yields and healthier plants are the result.

As a Q4W user, after several years of operation, you can easily and cost-effectively upgrade your light to a state-of-the-art technology by having the LED modules replaced by a certified retail partner. This is done in no time at all. It not only saves resources, but also your money.

With The Q4W, SANlight has created a product that is versatile and leaves nothing to be desired.

Technical Specifications Overview:

  • - 400 µmol/s PPF
  • - broadband, continous light spectrum especially for fruit-forming plants
  • - power consumption 150W
  • - power Factor > 0,95
  • - radiation angle 90°
  • - rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the cultivating area
  • - 3 years full warranty
  • - Led modules / light engines can be exchanged with sales partners
  • - 90% of light output after 80.000h runtime (LM90)
  • - daisychainable
  • - passive cooling