Cutting Mist 100ml Rootit

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Cutting Mist 100ml Rootit

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Product Description

ROOT IT Cutting Mist Spray is probably the best rooting spray.

It should be used for cuttings and for mother plants so that all your plants can profit from the active ingredients.

ROOT!T® Cutting Mist is a spray that improves the success rate of cuttings.

Ideal for use on soft and semi-hardwood material, it helps to prevent failures and deaths.


The mother plant should be sprayed on 2-3 days before you are going to cut the new cuttings.

After propagating you should spray the cuttings each day for the next three days.

An application of ROOT IT Cutting Mist can be combined with other products.

For best results we recommend to use ROOT IT Rooting Gel. but can be used with other rooting products like Clonex Gel or even on its own.

RootiT Cutting Mist Propagating Cloning and Cutting Nutrient Spray

Root iT Cutting Mist will really improve the chances of your cuttings and clones taking.

RootiT Cutting Mist comes in a spray bottle and contains a balanced vitamin and mineral blend to support successful cutting and cloning development. Ideal for use on plants that have a soft and semi-hardwood texture and will help to prevent unsuccessful transplants.


  • Greatly improve your success rates with cuttings and clones.
  • Supplied in a RTU spray bottle for ease of application.
  • Contains a balanced vitamin and mineral blend.
  • For optimum results use with RootiT Gel.
  • A handy supplement to have in case cuttings loose colour.

How to apply Root!T Cutting Mist

Spray leaves lightly with an even mist until coating is just visible.

Pre-treat donor plants 2-3 days before taking a cutting. Continue to treat cuttings for the following 3 days. 

Take care not to inhale and always spray away from you.