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Sunblaster 600w HPS/DS Bulb LUMii

Sunblaster 600w HPS/DS Bulb LUMii

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Exceptionally High Output Along With The Perfect Light Spectrum For Growing

Available as 400w, 600w and 1000w
The Perfect Grow Light for all distributing the right levels of light throughout growth
Features 32,000 life hours and a colour temperature of 2000K

The LUMii SunBlaster HPS offers exceptionally high output, along with the perfect spectrum of light which your plants need to thrive.


What are the LUMii SunBlaster HPS Bulbs used for?

The LUMii SunBlaster HPS Bulbs are available in 3 sizes – 400w, 600w and 1000w. The crystal glass used within these bulbs offers a consistent thickness, allowing for a far more even light output. Likewise, this lamp features raised blue levels in the light spectrum output. Plus, by not using barium film there is, therefore, no blackening of the glass, leading to fewer gas impurities. Similarly, this helps to provide a cleaner and far more stable light output.

Furthermore, these Dual Spectrum HPS lights provide your plants with the perfect grow light environment, each lamp is fitted with an E40 base fitting. The arc tube dosing technology achieves more useable light energy without the need of sacrificing intensity or lamp life.


Where can you use the LUMii SunBlaster HPS bulbs?

The LUMii SunbBaster HPS Bulbs require a ballast to run the lamp, these lamps will work better when used alongside a LUMii ballast. Both the 400w and 600w version have 32,000 life hours and a colour temperature of 2000k. Whereas the 600w will output 155 lumens per watt and the 400w will output 140 lumens per watt. It is important to note that spectral output will change in an HPS lamp as it ages. Therefore, we recommend that you change your lamp every 10 months to provide an optimised growing environment.


How to use the LUMii SunBlaster HPS Bulbs

When using the LUMii SunBlaster HPS Bulbs its important that you do not touch the lamp with your fingers. Fingerprints and dirt on the glass of your lamp can cause defects in the luminosity of your lamp. Therefore, hold and screw your lamp into your reflector using a cloth. Make sure that you tighten it fully in or to prevent the inside connection from arcing and breaking.

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