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Omega Black 720w LED

Omega Black 720w LED

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The Omega Black LED grow light is ideal for anybody looking to get their indoor garden up and running without breaking the bank. Despite the ultra-low price point, the Omega Black is up there with the best LEDs in terms of performance, boasting a very respectable efficiency level of 2.7 µmol per watt and a PPF of 1950 µmol/s. Not bad for a unit that costs a fraction of the competition!

  • Half the price of the competition!
  • A high efficiency level of 2.7 µmol per watt
  • An ultra-bright overall output, with a PPF of 1950 µmol/s
  • Utilises a digital HPS ballast to keep costs down, saving you money
  • Options available with and without the ballast (use your own and save money)
  • Produces a full spectrum output with lots of reds - great for flowering
  • Plenty of blues to eliminate stretching - great for vegetative growth
  • Emits hardly any heat!
  • Bar LED design - delivers the perfect footprint

To get the price this low, the team at Omega have utilised the original and ever-popular Omega Black 600w HPS ballast, rather than a traditional LED driver. If you already own a 600w digital ballast then you can choose the standalone fixture (without a ballast) and save yourself even more money!

This does make it difficult to connect the Omega Black to a controller (though not impossible). If this isn't an issue for you, and you're happy to switch your lights on and off the old fashioned way, with a contactor and timer, then the Omega Black is really an incredible deal.

The Omega Black LED grow light comes with all of the features you've come to expect from a top-end LED fixture. You get a full spectrum output that promotes rapid, vibrant growth, with plenty of reds to help you really max-out your yields; low excess heat, which makes your environment much easier to control; and a footprint that's almost perfectly even, allowing you to create a flat canopy and a productive indoor garden.

Omega Black Specifications

  • Fixture dimensions: 1114mm x 1070mm x 54.6mm
  • Box dimensions: 1171mm x 603mm x 135mm
  • Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
  • Efficiency: 2.7 µmol per joule (watts per second)
  • Output: 1950 µmol/s PPF
  • Manufacturer's warranty: three years
  • Input voltage: 220V to 240V
  • Weight of fixture: 7.2kg
  • Gross weight in box: 10kg
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