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X-Stream 20 Plant Aeroponic Propagator

X-Stream 20 Plant Aeroponic Propagator

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The power of the stream Keimungsbehälter aeroponic 12 side hydroponics. Want your cuttings in a average of 8-12 days?.. then, the X-Stream Propagator is like made for you.This budget units are excellent for fast rooting of your stecklinge., up to 12 cuttings or seedlings in rockwool SBS cubes (not included) or with a bare in neoprene discs (Supplied) and then in a sprayed of net basket baskets directly over the water balance. 

Never under or over watered its Klone, high levels of oxygen from the spray as they root – the result is a very fast and successful track record effectiveness.


1) Cuttings are the system to pH, fill the tank with water and let the pump on 24/7 angepasst. a constant access to water and oxygen encourages the cuttings, quickly. 

2) When roots to show add Grow nutrient at a quarter of the manufacturers recommended dosage.  

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