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Product Description

Vermiculite is a naturally occuring, non-toxic aluminium iron silicate mineral that has been heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight material with a high surface area. Our vermiculite has an attractive golden colour with a typical particle size of 2-5mm. Vermiculite absorbs nutrients preventing them from being washed out and then releases them as required to plant roots. Vermiculite has a high water retaining capacity, holding moisture near to plant roots. It also insulates against fluctuations in surface temperature when used as a seed covering.

Seed Sowing:

The excellent aeration and water retention of vermiculite encourage faster germination, improved seedling establishment and unhindered growth when pricking out or potting on. When sowing seeds follow the instructions on the packet. Seeds of all sizes can be raised in just vermiculite. Alternatively, seeds can be germinated using an equal mix of compost and vermiculite (50/50). This is most beneficial for very small seeds. Sow the seeds thinly and evenly, making sure that they are not too deep in the compost. Cover seed trays with a light layer of vermiculite and moisten, avoiding over firming.

Pricking Out:

Prick out seedlings once they are large enough to handle, holding seedlings by the leaves to avoid damaging the stems. Gently tease out the roots from the compost using a pencil or dibber. Plant the seedlings apart to allow for growth in compost or a mix of compost and 25/30% vermiculite by volume. Water regularly to prevent compost drying out until the seedlings are ready to be potted on. The addition of vermiculite will facilitate nutrients to be absorbed and then released slowly to the plant's root hairs. This is especially beneficial when applying liquid plant foods.

Potting On:

Fill the container/trough with compost and add 25-30% vermiculite by volume to the compost allowing sufficient space to accommodate plant roots. This will create a light and open structure enabling the compost to absorb and retain moisture for easy re-wetting. Before transplanting plants from plant pots to containers it is recommended to water the plants well and allow to drain. Remove the plants from their plant pots and place into the container firming compost around the plant roots. Once the container/trough is fully planted, water well and feed as appropriate.

Vermiculite can also be used to cover plant pots and delicate plants to insulate them against frost damage

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