Old Timer Organic PK 4-8 1 Litre Plant Magic

by Plant Magic
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Old Timer Organic PK 4-8 1 Litre Plant Magic

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Product Description

When growing organically, one of the major considerations for a successful harvest is the health of your rhizosphere and maintaining a happy, healthy and varied mix of beneficial micro-organisms alive in the rootzone.

The beneficial organisms form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, extending the networks reach for resources as well as processing complex compounds into plant available metabolites. Many PK boosters currently on the market are derived from mineral sources which can kill your Beneficial microorganisms, disrupting the symbiotic relationship which can lead to underperforming plants come harvest time.

Plant magic has developed a PK booster derived from organic sources, so you can use it on your garden safe in the knowledge your microherd will not be damaged. It allows you to deliver a higher level of phosphorous and potassium exactly when it’s required by the plant.

If you’re using an organic nutrient range and need a PK boost, look no further than plant magic OT PK 4-8 to improve yields, colours, flavour and aroma!

How to use Plant Magic Oldtimer organic PK

  • Use for the end half of flowering, according to the Plant magic feed schedule.
  • Shake well before use
  • Use 1-2ml per litre
  • Best used alongside the rest of plant magic’s oldtimer range