Hydro Grow A+B Plant Magic

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Hydro Grow A+B 1 Litre Plant Magic

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Hydro Grow A+B 5 Litre Plant Magic

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Product Description

Plant Magic Hydro Grow is a 2 part complete base nutrient for use in hydroponic systems. It consists of a careful balance of ingredients that combine to deliver rapid growth and profuse flowering and fruiting. All vegetative processes get a boost and the plants health is kept good and stable!

Plant Magic Hydro Grow is a two part nutrient that is made in the UK. This can be an advantage, as it means it doesn’t spend long periods of time at customs, waiting for clearance. Nor does it sit about in shipping containers that come half way around the world! Plant Magic nutrients have a much better chance in reaching the end user in a fresher condition. Plant Magic Hydro Grow is a mineral base nutrient, rather than an organic one. There aren’t many organic hydro nutrients, but there is Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom. 

Please be aware…..

This version of Plant Magic Hydro Grow is for hard water areas. As we are in the South East of England, this is the most appropriate for the local waters. If you require the soft water version, please ask in store or call us if you want it for mail order. We can order in specially for you, so there will be a waiting time. Please note: If you are using reverse osmosis water, you will need soft water nutrients. Always follow the manufacturers grow schedule to ensure best results and give all nutrients a good shake before use.