Omega Cfl Reflector With 5m Lead

by Omega

SKU: HYD-0185

    Omega Cfl Reflector With 5m Lead



Product Description

The Omega CFL Reflector is designed with a dimpled finish reflector for maximum reflection for CFL Lamps. 

CFL Reflectors are compatible with Dual Spectrum CFL Lamps, Far Red CFL Lamps and Deep Blue CFL Lamps.

For beginners to more experienced growers searching for a low-priced and open-ended reflector, then this Omega Lighting reflector is the answer.

  •     Ideal for creating an even spread and maximising the intensity of the CFL Lamp
  •     Features a dimpled finish to increase reflectiveness.
  •     Heavy duty spine holds lamp firm and level
  •     Optimised light dispersal
  •     Includes 5 metre cable.

What is the Omega CFL Reflector used for?

The CFL Reflector features precise angles and a dimpled finish in order to optimise light distribution. This is a great value reflector which is capable of out-performing many HID reflectors. Likewise, this is perfect for creating an even spread of light from users' CFL.

Furthermore, it features a strengthened spine to support the extra weight of any CFL Lamp and a UK 3 pin plug to power the reflector. The lamp holder has an E40 fitting which is compatible with CFLs.

How to use Omega's CFL Reflector     

When fitting this reflector start by placing it in the centre of a growing area. Users may want to use either Jack Chains or Rope Ratchets to suspend it securely. Then, hold the lamp with a clean cloth and insert it into the E40 fixture on the reflector, making sure it is screwed in firmly. Finally, turn on the reflector and watch how it improves yields

The reflector is similar in features to the Euro Reflector, but features a much stronger lamp holder as well as a unique plastic hook which clicks into the top of the reflector and slots in between the tubes on the CFL Lamp. This means that the Lamp is secure and will hang as it is designed to.

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