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Adequate nutrition is a fundamental aspect of successful hydroponic culture. There is a huge range of products out there, each promising the best combination of nutrients for your plants. Imagine these different nutrient blends as rival restaurants, each claiming their version of a the same meal as the best in town. Ultimately, these dishes are the same, differing only in the combinations and ratios of the same ingredients. This is the same for hydroponic nutrients. The chemistry involved in the different formulas are virtually the same across the board. Only the combinations and ratios of these chemicals will tend to vary.

This means that the brand you choose to feed your plant will mainly come down to personal preference. All of the nutrient formulas we provide exhibit the highest standard of quality and have been tried and tested by our team of expert growers.

Although the chemistry is similar, even between brands, there are some benefits that certain brands or different formulations, in general, can offer and this will depend on what stage of life the plants are in. For example, vegetative blends are specifically designed for plants in the vegetative (growth) stage, while bloom blends are tailored to suit the nutritional requirements of flowering plants. Using plant nutrition intelligently can result in significantly higher yields.

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