TSL2000 Quantum Board Full Spectrum LED 300w Mars Hydro

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TSL2000 Quantum Board Full Spectrum LED 300w Mars Hydro

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Product Description

Mars Hydro TSL2000 is a luminaire for home plant growing. It uses white LEDs for illumination, which require lower consumption, so it is not part of the cooling fan, which significantly reduces the weight of the light. White diodes replace natural light and supply plants with the necessary nutrients. The reflective design of the device ensures greater intensity and scattering of light.

Mars Hydro continues to strive to have the most efficient products. Through further development, Mars is getting closer to the most ideal LED grow light for people with a limited budget. The TSL2000 is a very affordable lamp that consumes only 450 watts at maximum power. The lamp is passively cooled and therefore gives off almost no heat. The MARS Hydro TSL2000 offers very powerful light up to 2.35 µmol / J.

The Mars Hydro TSL2000 is equipped with white light and has a full spectrum. The Mars Hydro TSL2000 has both 3200-4200K and 5200-6000K light colors, there are also a number of separate red LEDs in the lamp to stimulate extra flowering (660-665NM).


Product code: Mars Hydro TSL2000

Certification: ETL & RoHs & CE

Consumption: 298W

Amps: 1.35A

Package weight: 12.35 kg

Coverage: 600 x 120 cm

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Beam angle: 90 - 120 °

Spectrum: 660-665nm, 3200-4200Knm, 5200-6800Knm

UPC code: 686494418905

Dimensions: 1070x325x130mm

Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Humidity: = <90%

Chip brand: Epistar

Shipping Package

  • 1 X Mars Hydro TSL 2000 Light
  • 1 X Free Power cord with Plug
  • 1 X Free Steel hanging kits.