Roots Excelurator (Silver) 1L House & Garden

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Roots Excelurator (Silver) 1L House & Garden

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Product Description

House & Garden Roots Excelurator Silver for Hydro (1.3-0-0.7) is the most powerful root stimulator available in today's market. It works by forming a membrane around the roots protecting them from harmful bacteria and fungus, providing the perfect conditions for explosive root growth. Not only does it protect against harmful diseases, but it also cures existing root rot. Clean running all types of drain to waste and recirculating hydroponics systems.

Including Aeroponics, DWC, or any system that is oxygenated. Contains minerals, natural acids and vitamins. Provides a powerful microb rich forumla without adding thick natural compounds of the Gold Formula. Packaged in a silver aluminum canister to preserve organic ingredients and beneficial biology. Use Roots Excelurator Silver in all hydro type systems during the vegetative and early flowering stages.

  •     Apply in the first three weeks of growth at the rate of 1.1 ml per gallon
  •     Rids the plant of brown roots, root sickness and mould
  •     Packaged in a light proof aluminum container with a sealed lid
  •     Use though out the entire vegetative growth cycle
  •     Apply exactly the same dosage as recommended for Roots Excelurator Gold