Hesi Root Complex 5L

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Hesi Root Complex 5L

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Product Description

‌Root Comlex is a combination of micronutrients and nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates and enzymes) that provide young plants with an optimal start. In addition, Root Complex provides a thicker stem and stronger rooting. After exaggeration or other unfavorable situations, Hesi Root Complex improves the overall condition of the plant. Root Complex stimulates the maximum accumulation of healthy microorganisms in the substrate. 

Root Complex is ideal for stem plants and plantings. Add a little Hesi Root Complex to the parent plant a few days before cutting off the strains, this provides new plants with all the necessary nutrients for rapid rooting. Hesi Root Complex cultivated plants have a very good start and are healthy and strong!!! 

We plants also experience adverse conditions, e.g. overdoing is incredibly stressful because we need to form new roots before we start growing again. Changing places and light also causes us stress. Root Complex helps us to quickly normalize our metabolism.

USE: add to water, can also be combined with SuperVit, PowerZyme or other conditioners.

  • For young plants: 1 to 2 times a week until the plant develops well.
  • In case of adverse environmental conditions: 1-2 times
  • Regular use over a longer period, half the dose is sufficient (e.g. for stem plants)


  • 50ml / 10 L
  • use for a long time 25ml / 10L
  • It can be used in all systems : soil, hydro, coco.