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Growing Media


A growing media is an inert substance used in conjunction with hydroponic cultures to provide protection and support for the otherwise bare root systems. There is a wide range of growing medias suitable for hydroponics and each offers its own set of benefits. A good hydroponic growing media should:

  • Provide adequate support for the plant while it is growing
  • Absorb and retain moisture
  • Be porous enough to allow air circulation and drainage
  • Remain intact and not break down
  • Offer protection for the plant’s roots from heat or cold shock

Growers choose their preferred media depending on the cost, availability, specific crop needs, convenience, and overall performance. Each medium will be stronger in certain aspects than others. The Hydroponic Store removes a lot of the guess work from this process by offering only the highest quality of each type of growing media. No matter what you choose you can be sure you're getting an effective product. Our team of specialists would love to offer their expertise when trying to decide the best growing media to suit your specific needs.

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