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Grow Tents

Grow tents allow anybody to set up a temperature, and light controlled grow room anywhere and in a hurry. No renovation required! They include a tub style floor to contain any leaks from your hydroponic system, light proof zippers and seals, and a durable reflective inner coating. Grow tents have become a popular option for professionals and newbies alike for their long list of benefits. They can save you many hours of work renovating a room into a grow room as they can be set up in less than 15 minutes. Grow tents perform very well for hydroponic and soil gardening, and offer a high value for their effectiveness. They even offer an added level of discreteness to a grow and are easily tucked into a corner out of the way. Their light proof seals, and black outside make them very discreet and easy to hide. They allow full control of the grow room interior, and come complete with vent holes, and electrical cable inlets. Most offer strong support beams, more than capable of hanging your heavy HID lighting and extraction fan or carbon filter. We supply Growlab, Mammoth, LightHouse, Roof Qube, and Greenroom tents in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Benefits of Indoor Grow Tents Grow tents offer several advantages to traditional home renovation styled grow rooms. The main advantage is their simplicity. They can be set up and taken down in minutes, no construction necessary. Additionally, grow tents offer the benefits of an environment perfectly suited to hydroponic gardening. Tub styled floors contain any spills, reflective interiors optimize lighting efficiency, and mold resistant materials ensure you never have to worry about the black mold that plagues growers across the world. These tools are highly specialised grow room options, and often cost far less than renovating a room for the same purpose.
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