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Grow Tents & Sheeting


Grow tents allow anyone to set up their own grow room at an affordable price. They come in all different sizes for large or small spaces and are specially designed to accommodate ventilation and electrical equipment. They are made to keep all light out during the night cycle and maximize all internal light with reflective, water resistant walls. The floors generally have a tub-style design to contain any spills or leaks and prevent water from spilling outside of the grow tent. Their sturdy construction allows you to hang those heavy HID lights and ventilation fans. Tents are a great option for beginners and experts alike for their ability to be taken down and moved, specialized design, and affordable price. Grow tents allow anybody to have their own grow room without having to do any modifications to their living spaces. These are great for renters!

We aim to deliver the best grow tents for the best value possible. We also offer sheeting for you to convert a spare room into your own permanent grow room as well.

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