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LED Grow lights


LED lights are relatively new to the market. Only in the past 5 years or so has this technology began to hit the mainstream public.

LED or “light emitting diodes” are specialised lighting that use hundreds (or thousands) of tiny LED bulbs to emit nearly any spectrum possible. These lights are incredibly efficient, and maintain most of this efficiency for over 10 years of use! Some manufacturers even suggest their LED lights will lose only 20% of their light efficiency after 20 years of steady use! This far out lives HIDs and CFLs. Due to their high efficiency, LED lights release very little heat, and draw less than half the energy required for an HID with the same lumens.

LED grow lights can be expensive, but the longevity makes them a great investment for long term growers. As this technology becomes more and more popular, LED lights are making incredible breakthroughs in plant spectrum research. You can find LEDs in nearly any color, and tailored to any life stage of your plants.

The future of grow lighting is here, and it's something you won't want to miss.

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