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Grow Lights


Grow lights are essential for indoor growing. They are used to stimulate plant growth by emitting the electromagnetic spectrums required for photosynthesis. They are necessary for growing indoors but are also used in greenhouses when a supplemental light source is required.

Light is emitted as a spectrum of colors from blue to red. Plants see these spectrums in much more detail than the human eye. The light hits the chlorophyll within the leaves and causes certain molecules within these cells structures to vibrate and create energy. This energy is then stored as glucose and used to drive the growth of the plant. Variabilities in the light spectrum the plant receives can greatly affect how this energy is produced in the plant.

This is why purchasing lights that have taken this fact into consideration will deliver better results compared to any regular lighting from your local hardware store. The world of plant lighting is always evolving and we strive to provide the best of these new innovations as they are developed.

Some lights are designed to mimic the sun's spectrum as much as possible, while others use the latest available research to identify which spectrum will provide the best results for each plant species. You can even use light spectrums to control the life stages of plants and optimize their growth.

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