Automated System Environmental Base Kit Grow Director 2.0

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Automated System Environmental Base Kit Grow Director 2.0

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Product Description

Our grow room environmental controller (Base Kit) with the Grow Director software is a grow room climate controller that is designed to give plant growers complete control over their plants from a distance. 

Whether it is to monitor your plants in real-time, manage your plants when you away, automate your plant-care routine and make adjustments (light, temperature and humidity) when you’re out, GrowDirector provides you with important details and allows you to make quick and important decisions to impact the overall health of your plants. 

It offers a beautifully and smartly designed 10.1” colour touchscreen that is easy to work with and easily connects to Wi-Fi as well as Incognito mode for complete privacy (completely off the grid functioning). The screen presents all plant health information and can be accessed using our state-of-the-art mobile app or desktop version from anywhere! 

The environmental control grow room system is designed for dedicated plant growers who want to feel more comfortable when it comes to leaving their plants alone and make their work easier. 

With real-time updates and easy controls, the grow controller for greenhouse makes it easy to prevent mistakes and is designed to send push notifications whenever something goes wrong. With the app, you can easily make changes to the environment manually, or even ask greenhouse climate control system to make decisions for you! 

All you have to do is tell Grow Director your desired environment and schedule, then watch as greenhouse environmental control systems takes complete control over your plant’s environment. 

The Environmentally-friendly Base Kit:

Our GDA software, working alongside our Environmental Base Kit work, offers you the fullest experience of omnipresent control of your plants- from a distance! 

With Grow Director, you can control humidity and temperature in grow room or greenhouse anytime from any distance with your specially adapted app. This allows us to offer you an opportunity to see your plants flourish as you have never seen them before. Also, it allows you to make quick, evidence-based decisions that are in favour of the best interests of your plant- no more guessing what your plant really needs! 

The updates that you will receive about your plants will not only be evidence-based, but they will also be in detail and always in real-time. Our system offers you light controller, humidity controller, temperature controller for grow room and resourcefully designed 10.1” colour smart touchscreen that connects to wi-fi in 5 easy-to-follow steps. Updates are provided through both the smart touchscreen alongside the mobile app to help the maintenance of your plants fit into your schedule. With Grow Director, never make any decisions regarding the welfare of your plants alone again! Help us to help you. 

This Product Includes:

  • 1 x Grow Director 2.0
  • 1 x 10” Touchscreen Interface
  • 10 Build-in Relays
  • 1 x Power Box (2m (6.5ft) Cable) with 4 universal outlets that can be controlled separately
  • 1 x GDA Software
  • 1 x Air Humidity Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable)
  • 1 x Air Temperature Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable)

Software Updates:

As a Grow Director owner, you are eligible to receive life-long software updates to improve your user experience. We are always offering changes to make our systems better and they are completely free! 


All GrowDirector products include a 1-year limited warranty.