Golf Ball Air Stone

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Golf Ball Air Stone

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Product Description

Want bubbles on a budget? Find out why the Golf Ball (a.k.a. Blue Economy) is our bestselling air stone. If you’ve got an air flow of 1.5 – 5 Litres per minute, the Golf Ball’s all you need. It’s incredibly well made, and you can use it with any of the air pumps we sell.

 • Our bestselling air stone 

 • Perfect for airflows of 1.5 Litres - 5 Litres per minute 

 • For smaller tanks and bubblers (up to 20-30 Litres in volume)

 • Ideal for an IWS Oxy-Pot • Boost nutrient uptake (through nutrient aeration )

 • Great for deep water culture / bubbler systems Golf Ball Airstone (a.k.a. Blue Economy Airstone): 1.5 - 5 Litres per minute of air flow needed. 

We recommend If you have an air flow rate of more than 5 litres a minute running through each one, the Golf Ball will end up being overdriven (see the video above!) You’ll need a Ceramic Disc or Coke Can Air Stone. The hotter your nutrient solution, the lower the dissolved oxygen content. The ideal temperature for your nutrient solution is 18oC - 21oC. You can use a heater, chiller and thermometer to control your feed’s temperature.