HydroCoco 60/40 Mix 45L Gold Label

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HydroCoco 60/40 Mix 45L Gold Label

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Product Description

Gold Label – 60/40 Pebble Coco Mix 45L creates the perfect balance between water retention and drainage. The product ensures superior plant development rates and excellent drainage. The 40% of added coco-coir provides water retention, so growers don't need to regularly add more nutrients or additives. The 60/40 ratio allows you to maximize the benefits of beneficial fungi and bacteria additives, which improve the root-area and accelerate plants' growth. The Gold Label – 60/40 mix is an innovative product, which helps growers achieve top-quality harvests and superior yields.

General Information

  • The product is an innovative solution, which optimizes the performance of beneficial bacteria additives;
  • The product is suitable for hydroponic systems;
  • The coco/pebble mix doesn't contain any nutrients;
  • The product ensures explosive plant development.


  • The mix has an increased water holding capacity;
  • The product is a top-quality substrate;
  • The product comprises the finest materials;
  • The mix ensures superior drainage.

The Science

Gold Label comprises 40% coco and 60% clay pebbles. It's a ready-mixed substrate, which helps growers optimize their plants' development. The drainage properties of the clay pebbles and the coco's fibrous texture form a perfect hydroponic medium for your plants to grow.

How to Use

The product is made specifically for use in dripper-type or flood and drain hydroponic systems. Initially, you must flush the medium to saturate the pebbles. During the vegetative phase, begin with a lower PH level of between 5.2 and 5.6 to balance your substrate's PH level. Increase towards a PH of 6.3 throughout this phase.