• What is hydroponics?
  • Is it complicated?
  • What are the advantages of hydroponics versus soil grown plants?
  • What type of plants can be grown hydroponically?
  • Can plants be grown organically with hydroponics?
  • is it expensive?
  • Do you really get higher yields in less time?
  • Do hydroponically grown crops still taste good?
  • Does it require pesticides?
  • If organic pesticides are available why are there so many problems with large scale food production pesticide usage?
  • What are predatory Insects?
  • What is the best-growing medium?
  • What is the best hydroponic technique for beginners?
  • How long should my light cycle be?
  • How often does my reservoir need to be changed?
  • What is SOG and SCROG?
  • What is aquaponics?
  • What is a clone?
  • What is pH and how do I adjust it?
  • What pH range do I keep my water at?
  • How do I control pH levels?
  • How much water do my plants need?
  • Can I use tap water?
  • What is reverse osmosis?
  • How big should my fan be?
  • What is ppm? How can I measure this?
  • What kind of nutrients should I use?
  • What does “NPK ratio” mean?
  • Why are NPK ratios so important?
  • Can I use soil from my backyard?
  • What temperature should I keep my grow tent/room at?
  • How do I regulate temperature
  • When should I add CO2?
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