Block Clean Spray 750ml Essentials

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Block Clean Spray 750ml Essentials

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Product Description

Stop your rockwool cubes and grow-media going green with Essentials BlockClean ready-to-use spray. BlockClean removes algae very effectively and is 100% organic and safe to pets and children.

How Essentials Block Clean Works:

Essentials BlockClean is a powerful algae treatment for keeping your rockwool cubes and other grow media clean and working optimally. Essentials BlockClean is made from entirely natural ingredients and is 100% organic. BlockClean is completely safe and harmless to your plants, children and pets and there’s no need to remove your plants before use. Essentials BlockClean is ready to be used and does not need diluting. It even comes in it’s own easy-to-use spray gun.

Using Essentials Block Clean:

Essentials BlockClean can be used in any type of grow-system and with any substrate. BlockClean is suitable for almost any type of plant at any stage of growth or flowering but should not be used for delicate seedlings or unrooted cuttings until they have become established. Before use, brush off and remove any loose algal bio-mass from the surface of the substrate. Spray Essentials Blockclean onto the surface of the grow-media, soaking the surface. Repeat once a day for 3 days. Essentials BlockClean works great in conjunction with friendly bacteria additives.