Bailz 50 Litre Coco Guru

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Bailz 50 Litre Coco Guru

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Product Description

The Coco Bailz although compressed, are looser and with a lower density than Blockz, meaning its easier to manipulate and split prior to adding water. Coco Bailz also make 50 litres of pre-washed and buffered high quality coco that measures 37.5 x 27.5 x 25cm and comes in easy to carry packaging with a handle. 

Coco Guru offers a range of pre-washed and buffered, compressed coco coir substrate and with the coco husks being sourced from in-land locations, means it contains zero costal salt impurities. Coco Guru is also free from chemical additives, additional fertilisers and diseases, making this naturally produced product 100% organic with an ultra low EC value, which our in-house tests showed a reading of between 0.1 to 0.3. 

Available in 3 variations Coco Blockz, Coco Bailz and Coco Coinz, making this versatile grow medium suitable for all different techniques of growing or growers needs and below is an overview of each option. 

Directions: Being compressed, Coco Guru Blockz, Bailz and Coinz need to be expanded before they can be used, this is achieved by simply adding water, cold water can be used, but for quicker results, use tepid or warm water. 

Start off by pouring a small amount and allow to soak into the medium, more can be added as required until all the coco has expanded to the desired consistency and can then be placed into pots.