Pre-Mix 5L Tub Biobizz

by Biobizz
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Pre-Mix 5L Tub Biobizz

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Product Description

BioBizz Pre-Mix is a 100% natural dry fertilizer made from organic matter, trace elements and rock meal. Pre-Mix is the active ingredient in All-Mix so do not add this product to it or you will poison your plants. When mixing Pre-mix to your soil mixture add it in at a ratio of 5% so this 5 litre bag could mix with 95 litres of soil.

Made in Holland BioBizz Pre-Mix is stored for 6 weeks to allow the organic compounds to ferment which makes it such an extraordinary fertilizer. BioBizz Pre-Mix is the most effective organic soil fertilizer around. So if you are going to grow organically in soil then this is the one for you.

Pre-Mix is suitable for plants in late grow and full flowering cycles but is a little strong on the nutrients for small plants, propagation and early growth. For seeds and propagation use either Jiffy Soil Plugs, Fleximix Plugs or Canna Seedmix. For small plants use BioBizz Light-Mix and BioBizz Bio-Grow. All BioBizz soils are 100% organic and provide excellent results.

Pre-Mix N-P-K = 3.0 - 3.0 - 5.0

When using BioBizz Pre-mix as fertilizer for your own soil mix we recommend using 5% Pre-Mix in your mixture. A good standard recipe for a do it yourself potting mixture would be:

  • 50% Potting soil
  • 30% Perlite (30 litres)
  • 15% Worm-Humus (15 litres)
  • 5% Pre-Mix (5 litres)

It is important to mix all the above elements thoroughly and evenly.