Autopot Easy 2 Grow Kit

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Autopot Easy 2 Grow Kit

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Product Description

The AutoPot Pot System is the ultimate in low maintenance growing systems. Each system is fitted with a specially designed AQUAvalve that controls the flow of water/nutrient to your plants by simple gravity pressure from a tank or waterbutt. No pumps, no electricity, no mains water pressure and no timers are required. 

The AutoPot is a totally plant driven system that releases the right amount water to keep your plants happy day in day out. As there is no recirculating nutrient as with hydroponics systems, the AutoPot system requires no daily nutrient management meaning it can be left alone for long periods of time. All you need to do is remember to keep the tank topped up and the plants take care of the rest.

The Easy2grow kit is just that, easy! It contains everything you need to feed and water two plants in 8.5L pots from a 47L tank. Everything is included in this kit and it can easily be extended to feed up to 6 pots by adding 2 Pot Extension Kits.

Kit includes:

1 x 2 Pot module with 8.5L pots (includes AQUAvalves, matrix and root control discs and 6mm pipe)
1 x 47L tank
1 x inline filter

Full instructions

Always raise your tank to a minimum of 150mm above the highest AQUAvalve and refill the tank when it is approximately 1/3rd empty. Use good quality soil or coco with a 30-50% mix of perlite. Always keep the AQUAvalve compartments clean and free from debris. Replace root control and matrix discs after each harvest.

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