Aqualine Submersible Pump 400W

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Aqualine Submersible Pump 400W

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Product Description

Aqualine Submersible Pump - 400W

Hydroponic feeding has never been easier. These premium pumps distribute nutrient solution to plants with no input from the grower. 

Automatic nutrient supply

The Submersible Pump’s waterproof head sits below the water in a hydroponic tank and supplies fresh, clean nutrient solution to all plants’ root networks. 

The head is waterproof to IP68 level, meaning it’s safe to submerge. This rating also means it’s impervious to dust. 

Moves up to 7,500L per hour

The pumps’ automatic operation means that they can be left unattended - as well as significantly reducing the workload of manually pumping nutrient solution. 

Moving up to 7,500L per hour, it’s ideal for growers with larger systems or those often moving from place to place. Users can take a break with the peace of mind that their plants will receive the clean, fresh solution they need. 


As well as supplying fresh nutrients to the hydroponic reservoir, this pump is great to keep around for other purposes. It can easily clear up large spills in a grow room or drain the reservoir between cycles. 

Where to use the Aqualine Submersible Pump?

These pumps are suitable for all types of hydroponic systems - so they’ll make the perfect addition no matter how each user grows.