Flawless Finish 1 Litre Advanced Nutrients

by Advanced Nutrients
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Flawless Finish 1 Litre Advanced Nutrients

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Product Description

  • the perfect finish for your crops
  • for a clean, safe harvest
  • flushes out hazardous substances and fertilisers
  • optimises aroma and flavour

The right rinsing just before harvest

With Advanced Nutrients' Flawless Finish, you can effectively flush all undesirable fertiliser residues and hazardous substances out of your growing media just before harvest. It's precisely this final step that growers often undervalue, because in the course of their lives the plants don't just collect nutrients from the growing medium, but also excess salts or other hazardous substances. This can become a real problem for your harvest, which is why you really must rinse your crops.

With Advanced Nutrients' Flawless Finish, you can effectively flush all the undesirable fertiliser residues out of your plants to obtain an absolutely clean and safe final product!

Flush your crops, but do it right!

Many growers simply rinse their planting soil or growing media with tap water. That might possibly help a little, but tap water does not by any means wash all residues out of the soil or plants. In fact, in this way the plants only become 'starved' and suffer decreased bloom growth just before cutting. Conventional flushing solutions, however, as often as not consist of one or a few chemicals, which at most rinse out plant nutrients and ultimately only reduce your harvest.

Crop flushing instructions

To rid your plants completely of all hazardous substances and excess salts, you should start using Flawless Finish around 4?10 days before you plan to harvest. First empty your nutrient tank and fill it with fresh water. Then simply add Advanced Nutrients' Flawless Finish and use this solution until harvest day. As a result you will get the cleanest, most luxuriant and tastiest harvest you can imagine.

Advanced Nutrients' Flawless Finish has been able to prove its flawless cleaning power over and over again in thousands of tests and will help you too to get sensational results.

Flawless Finish carries on working for you even after harvest

Advanced Nutrients has been able to obtain impressive proof that plants treated with Flawless Finish cut considerably better even during curing. Your harvest will smell better and also look much better. On top of this, Flawless Finish ensures that the blooms are less prone to typical storage diseases such as fungi or mould. And, last but not least, Flawless Finish has an extraordinarily positive effect on the taste of your fruits ? they're softer, sweeter and have many more aromatic compounds s than usual.

Successfully rinse out any excess fertiliser

Additionally, even in cases of overfertilisation, Flawless Finish can provide your plants with quick and effective support.

Instructions for use:

  • Dilute with fresh water 4?10 days before the planned harvest
  • 2 ml Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish to 1 litre of water
  • Advanced Nutrients is based on an EC value of 0.0 (please compensate for this if necessary)


  • Magnesium (Mg) total: 0.97%
  • Magnesium, water-soluble: 0.47%
  • Magnesium, chelated: 0.5%
  • Sulphur (S): 1.3%