Analogue Light Meter Active Eye

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Analogue Light Meter Active Eye

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Product Description

Simple to use light meter

The ActiveEye Analogue Light Meter is a simple to use, no fuss, no frills meter that helps you to ensure that your crop is getting the required light levels. It needs no batteries and will never require calibrating. It has a three stage measurement range in order to deliver reliable readings. As a general rule, the three settings are suitable for the following: X1 = low light or shade loving plants/fluorescent lighting systems, X10 = general sunlight and X100 = light loving plants/HID lighting systems.

To take a measurement, simply hold the meter vertically at plant canopy level and make sure it is pointing at the light source and that it is not shaded. Turn the setting dial from off to X1. If the needle goes off the scale turn the setting dial to X10. If the needle again goes off the scale then turn the setting dial up to the X100 setting. Turning the meter though all the different stages in this manner ensures that you are taking a reliable reading for your light source. The unit has a two year warranty from the date of purchase and a valid sales receipt must accompany any warranty claims.