315mm Complete Kit Tornado

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315mm Complete Kit Tornado


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Product Description

Acoustic Box Fan Tornado

‌Tornado Box Fans arespecifically designed to ventilate large greenhouses and growrooms in the most cost effective and quiet way. All Tornado Box Fans are designed and manufactured in the UK by an experienced team of engineers, using only high quality components such as Industrial Grade MDF, professional standard acoustic foam and Torin Sifan motors - one of the worlds leading manufacturers of squirrel cage ventilation motors.

These powerful fans are surrounded by MDF wooden panels, ensuring minimal noise.

Powerful and effective, when noise is an issue we would recommend these.

Carbon Filter CAN Lite 

The Can-Lite has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind. The can-Lite is manufactured using the same proven packed bed design as the original Can-Filter but utilizes high quality virgin activated Australian RC light weight granular carbon. Airflows start at 150m3/hr and includes filters all the way up to an impressive 4500m3/hr.

The recommended lifespan of these filters is 18 months depending on humidity and odour concentration in the room. The larger filters are a compact 1metre long so they do not take up precious room in your growing area and are light enough to hang from standard 48kg hangers. 

RAM ALUDUCT Low Noise Ducting

A 3 layer multi-ply reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix. This means it holds it shape very well offering less drag than competitor products, thus less noise when in use and less pressure drop. It comes individually boxed in 10m lengths. In the event of a fire, no toxic gases are emitted.