250mm Iso Max Complete Kit

by Iso Max
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250mm Iso Max Complete Kit


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Product Description

Iso Max Fan Can                        

‌Iso Max is currently the most advanced fan on the market. Ideal for rooms where high efficiency of the fan and quiet float are required. Adapted to continuous operation. It is characterized by very high failure-free and effective. The fan has a built-in switch that turns off the power if the temperature is too high. The engine along with the project made in Switzerland. The impellers are designed to provide a strong airflow while reducing noise levels and low power consumption.

Carbon Filter CAN Lite                         

‌The Can Lite Carbon Filter Has the same outstanding quality and function that you expect from the can original carbon filters. However the new Can Lite range now comes in a light weight version

Can are known for making some of the best quality carbon filters on the market.

RAM ALUDUCT Low Noise Ducting

A 3 layer multi-ply reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix. This means it holds it shape very well offering less drag than competitor products, thus less noise when in use and less pressure drop. It comes individually boxed in 10m lengths. In the event of a fire, no toxic gases are emitted.