130W Warm CFL kit 2700k LUMii Envirogro

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130W Warm CFL kit 2700k LUMii Envirogro


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Product Description

130w Warm CFL Lamp 2700k LUMii Envirogro

‌The LUMii CFL Grow Lamps are the low energy option for your grow room and are available in 130w, 200w and 300w, each with three different colour temperatures of Warm 2700K, Cool 6400K and Super Cool 1400K. 

Ideal for growers who want to cut electricity costs, whilst still achieving high yields.  CFL’s are high-output fluorescent lamps which run at lower wattage and generate significantly less heat than HID lighting. 

Maxii Reflector LUMii

Our open-ended horizontal lightweight LUMii Maxii reflector is highly efficient and provides great results. A great value for money reflector.


Height: 190mm | Width: 430mm | Length: 470mm

The LUMii MAXii is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn style reflector, pre-assembled for convenience. It is an open-ended, highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector, which gives an efficient and even distribution of light.

Unlike others on the market, the LUMii MAXii includes a unique lamp holder that is adjustable and designed to fit all E40 lamp types. All earth requirements are incorporated into the lamp holder itself; this safety feature means that there is no need for additional components.

Full crop lighting; CFL or HPS? You choose!

With the LUMii MAXii Reflector and the CFL converter kit you can use a cool CFL lamp for vegetative growth, then if you are flowering, switch to a HPS lamp by simply unplugging the converter plug and plugging into a LUMii ballast; all without taking your reflector down or changing it. No other reflector does this, it’s SUPER easy!

HID to CFL Converter Lead UK Plug LUMii 

If you want to use a CFL lamp with an IEC reflector - you can! The LUMii HID to CFL Converter Set allows IEC reflector leads to convert to a wall plug lead. This kit contains a short additional cord set (UK or EU Plug available) to convert the supplied IEC to a conventional power supply. In addition there is an innovative support device (for use with the LUMii MAXii reflector) to assist with the additional weight of a CFL lamp.