1000w Pro Plus 400V EL DE Bulb Gavita

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1000w Pro Plus 400V EL DE Bulb Gavita

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Product Description

This time we bring you the new Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE 400v bulb. This dual light spectrum lamp is suitable for every crop phase, so you avoid having to be changing the bulb when you want to change the photoperiod.

This cannabis grow lamp features the Double Ending technology, so you need to use a double entry reflector, in order to spread power and make the spectrum reach more area. They also help to extend the lifespan of bulbs, as the threads heat up less than in traditional light bulbs, which usually increase a lot of temperature by receiving all the power in a single point.

The Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE lamp is gives off quite a bit of heat, so I recommend that you place it at a minimum height of 8.2 feet (2.5 meters). It can reach covering an area of up to 9.8 3x3ft (3 m2), although works better in tight spaces, as long as you place a cooltube reflector so that the temperature of the bulb is not a problem.

Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE 400v Bulb Technical Specifications

- Power: 1000w

- Voltage: 400V

- Socket: Double Ending K12 x 30S

- PPF at 11.8 inches (30 cm.): 1800 umols